NSS Activities

     The details of this remarkable and innovative work are given below.

1) Undertaking on Environmental Sustainability

A) Godavari River Activities: Every year during the Ganesh festival, the college collects a large number of Ganesh idols and Nirmalya at Godaghat to reduce water pollution. Cleaning campaign was carried out at Godaghat 2-3 times a year. Also, street plays, poster exhibitions etc. were organized as public awareness.

B) Tree Planting and Seedling: Tree Planting and Seedling was carried out on a large scale in the college premises along with Ramses Fort, Fashicha Dongar, and Adopted village as well as in the main road dividers of the city.

C) Sanitation campaign was implemented at Pandavaleni as Gad Sarvadhan.

D) Water conservation work: A lot of work has been done on water conservation in Wadzire village. A seven-day camp was jointly organized by Pani Foundation for water conservation while Savitribai Phule Pune University jointly organized a seven-day camp twice. During the these 22 days of the camp, the volunteers completed a total of 120 CCT, 3 WAT, 2 LBS and two earthen dams. As a result of this work, the storage capacity of ground water in the village has increased to about two crore liters. As a result of all this, Wadzire village from Sinnar taluka was given the first prize by Pani Foundation.

E) Participation in Pandharpur Clean and Healthy Wari: In the last three years, a large number of college volunteers and program officers have been participating in the 20-day state level procession. Many activities like compost manure project, tree planting were implemented while creating awareness on sanitation and environment.

F) Kolhapur Disaster Management Camp: Due to heavy rains, seven volunteers from the college participated in a seven-day camp for the reconstruction of villages in Kolhapur district.

G) Contribution to Kumbh Mela: Volunteers also worked as police friends as well as worked as cleanest campaign during the Kumbh Mela celebrations after 12 years. Volunteers also saved the life of a child while doing this work

2) Health Related Activities:

A) Health Camps:  Blood testing and blood donation camps are organized by the college every year. Also, 5 yoga camps, one eye check-up camp and three health camps were organized in the college.

B) Public Awareness Activities: College volunteers also participated in various programs like AIDS, Organ Donation as well as street plays, poster exhibitions, signature campaigns and rallies.

3) Activities for Personality Development:

 Various competitions, seminars, camps were organized to increase art skills, leadership development, stage daring, decision making power, social awareness and intimacy among the students. From the college, 11 volunteers participated in two state level disaster management challenge camps, 02 volunteers  in NRD / SRD, 23 in Pandharpur Dindi, 06 in water conservation camps and 06 in university level personality camps.

4) Others:

Volunteers were encouraged to participate in Road Safety, Eradication of Superstition, Ban on alcohol, Protection of girl Child, Women Empowerment, Prevention of Farmer Suicides, Fuel Saving Day, Voting Awareness, Clean India-Summer India Internship, Bicycle day, Efforts for Plastic Liberation, Construction of toilets in adopted villages, Financial assistance to orphanages and tribal areas, Distribution of clothing and other necessities, Special Winter Camps. Mega Poster Exhibitions, Street plays, Rallies, Signature Campaigns, Seminars, etc. during the implementation of the Preparation of Village Development Plan of the adopted village of Brahmanwadi, etc.

5) Awards:

As a result of all the above programs, the award for the University Level National Service Scheme Unit of 2017-18 was given to the Kr. Vasantrao Narayanrao Naik Shikshan Prasarak Sanstha’s, Arts, Commerce & Science College and the Best Program Officer Award was given to Mr. Samin Shaikh. The college was honored by the Pani Foundation for its excellent work in the Pani Foundation Camp. College volunteers won two first place prizes in the district level street play competition. In the research project presentation, the volunteers presented the research project at the Water Foundation Camp and won the first prize.